Thursday, 4 October 2012

Another school running a 'UFO crash drill'?

Ok so I recently posted this about a few instances of schools running 'UFO crash drills' and - what d'you know? Another one pops up in the news!

Here's the link to the article in the (presumably Sheffield) 'Star'

This time it's a 'rocket' but the event is staged in much the same way as previous events.

It makes me think that someone, most probably a fast-streamer Civil Servant - or an 'HEOD' as they're now called - in the Department for Education thought conducting such activity across schools in England would be a wheeze. Either that or school heads are just copying each other's ideas.

But recently allowing this kind of thing into school activity does seem rather strange, even if it is done under the guise of increasing an awareness of 'science' amongst pupils.

So who first planted the suggestion of doing this at all at the first school and why?

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