Monday, 24 September 2012

Undersea Mystery in Baltic: Update

At the 50th Anniversary BUFORA Conference, Clas Svahn from Sweden representing the AFU (the final speaker for the first day) was asked whether he had any knowledge about the Baltic sea underwater object(s) discovered by the Ocean X Team, given that the Ocean X Team is also Swedish. 

Clas replied (and I'm paraphrasing here) that he had been in touch with the Ocean X team and there was nothing new to report other than what is already in the public domain. However, he did confirm that, from what he had been advised, the object(s) are indeed made of stone or rock - as opposed to being metallic - which, in my view, would certainly end speculation about any form of 'craft' having been discovered (unless our E.T. or pan-dimensional friends can fabricate vehicles from stone of course!).

He went on to explain that there would be no fresh news released for the time being because the Ocean X Team appear to be tied into a deal with a television company, who will most likely have exclusive rights to any broadcast about the undersea object(s).  Consequently, any release of information prior to the TV broadcast would compromise the deal. Clas said that it is likely that any such broadcast will be later this year.

This makes perfect sense to me - and I think it increasingly likely that this will be a huge anticlimax. All the same, Ocean X - and whichever TV company they are apparently working with - will still milk this for all it's worth to them.

Clas - if you happen to read this post and anything I have reported here is inaccurate, I would be more than happy to correct it.

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