Friday, 21 September 2012

Why are schools running 'UFO crash drills'?

Just today I noticed the following article

Pupils investigate UFO crash site 

which - bizarrely - refers to pupils of a school in Somerset being allowed to get involved in the 'investigation' of a mock 'UFO Crash site'. This is allegedly with the assistance of local police whilst extra theatricality is provided in the form of an 'MI5 operative' and 'scientists' being present (presumably teachers and local volunteers) at some point during the day

Leigh UFO and meteor sightings (From The Bolton News)
Now whilst this is a great way to engage young minds with what is probably a fun and exciting event (wish my school had done something like this when I was a nipper!) why stage a crashed UFO event, rather than recreate a more earthly crime scene of some kind?

Doing the usual internet trawl reveals that this has generated quite a few results, which I guess is no bad thing in terms of publicity for the school. What's more this isn't the first time this has been done. Another such article on a separate exercise is Pupils Investigate UFO. Others go back to at least 2008. (Note: these articles are helpfully referred to by other net authors - I can't claim the credit for having initially spotted them)

It begs the question - why UFOs?

It could just be a case of a subject matter being one that is most appealing to a young generation brought up with the likes of Dr Who and recent releases of films like Men In Black 3. These exercises may also all be the brainchild of one or a small number of individuals as a way of stimulating pupils across the UK.

But is the apparent trend more than that?

If - as some experts on the E.T. hypothesis behind UFOs believe - there is some gradual disclosure process being carried out by The State in various countries (a theory I remain open-minded about), then one could argue that one aspect of this could be the act of engaging the youngest minds of our society.

However, there only seem to be a handful of exercises like this that have taken place in the UK so far. It would be interesting to see if other countries do something similar with their own children. To date they don't appear to have happened with any frequency to suggest anything other than coincidence. In other words - it doesn't look like it's part of any 'grand plan' so far...

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