Saturday, 3 November 2012

UFOs invading Indian airspace?

This fascinating story is emerging on the net and rather than repeat it, I've included a link to an article about it in the Kashmir Times.

If true (and don't forget this is a newspaper article like any other), it would suggest that over the last few months the Indian military have reported, to their own authorities, regular incursions into Indian airspace by "Unidentified Luminous Objects" which - after some considerable analysis by both their own military and scientific experts, so far appear to rule out conventional man-made, atmospheric or astronomical phenomena. Another older story also referred to in this article - and more bizarre still - is the supposed 2004 encounter between a scientific expedition in the same region and what is described as "...a fourfoot tall robot-like figure..." which "...rapidly became airborne and disappeared."

What strikes me about this is - if it's true - the level of involvement by various military and scientific bodies in a country constantly on the alert, given its emergence as a nuclear superpower and that it borders with another superpower - China. This article by the Diplomat is just one of many for example that shows the growing tensions between the two countries.

In view of the above, the Indian military will - aside from constantly monitoring their border with China - presumably have considerable experience of conventional military technology so, as the Kashmir Times article explains, be looking out for and already be able to identify man-made (especially Chinese) craft including military drones.

It'll be interesting to see if any more comes out of this story (and I find it far more tantalising than the - literally - 'damp squib' that is the Baltic undersea object story). For example, it would be remarkable (but unlikely) if a similar record of events emerged from an equally baffled Chinese military.

 However, it's likely this will just get forgotten in favour of more mundane news events...

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