Thursday, 21 February 2013

UFOs Disclosed - Awful Truth or Cash Cow?

You may have noticed that a new conspiracy website has popped up recently.

'UFOs Disclosed' website logo
The website in question is called
UFOs Disclosed with the (rather cliched) slogan
"Revealed: The truth about UFOs"

Now that's the end of the free advertising they get from me.

In my opinion, it reveals nothing new about the UFO/UAP phenomenon as yet.

In an extremely drawn out video introduction with the video's script on the website landing page, some of the better known events are fleetingly referred to here from the start of the modern phenomenon in 1940s, to saucers over Washington in the 50s, to UFO triangles over Belgium, to the Phoenix Lights incident.

What's interesting is the presentation employed by the site. It has a definite feel of an American news network production about it - and I'm basing this on the numerous U.S. documentaries and news items I've seen over the years - although it is claimed that the site is independent of the mainstream media.

Upon watching the video and reading the introductory page, it ends up feeling (to me at least) like just another of the millions of American advertisements or commercials out there pushing yet another product that you could probably happily survive without. In this case what is being 'sold' is some professionally finished books and CDs with a 60-day 'money-back guarantee' at a 'limited time' price offer.

It would be disappointing if this were all that was on offer. The anonymous source behind the site (a supposed reporter) makes the oft-repeated claim about having put their life at risk to reveal 'the truth' about UFOs and ET but not a single piece of earth-shattering evidence is put in the public domain for free by this source.

I would like to think that if I came into possession of any such 'smoking gun' concerning UFO/ET evidence that I would reveal at least some of it - totally gratis - to the public.

The site regurgitates surface material already accessible from other sources on the net, with a promise of access to 'classified material' or 'undeniable proof' should you choose to first part with your hard earned cash...

...Don't hold your breath though, as it's reported in the San Francisco Chronicle that this 'classified material' and 'undeniable proof' is (and I quote): "...a compilation of notable UFO sightings and cases throughout history". So just a collation of material that you could find elsewhere then!

Interestingly, the same article suggests this site is rapidly attracting interest in terms of thousands of members joining the site's community in a matter of weeks.

I would never knock any serious effort to find or even reveal the truth (or truths) about UFOs, UAP, ET etc. but it seems to me this latest site has nothing new to bring to the table for now...

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