Friday, 10 January 2014

New Year, New Close Encounters?

Hello Folks,

A Happy New Year to you and I hope you all enjoyed the festive break.

For me the run up and the main event was quite busy hence my absence from posting since November.

Anyhow, the year has started with two interesting UK cases which have apparently only just hit the press, although technically the timing of the events seem to have been July and December of 2013 respectively.

The first (this event appears to have been July 2013 but has only been reported in the Sunday Telegraph on 5 January) was a dramatic near miss between a passenger plane and a 'rugby ball shaped' UFO near Heathrow Airport. The jury's still out on what the object was but the UK's Aviation Airprox investigations unit has been looking into the incident which has been reported by an (understandably) unnamed pilot for an unnamed airline. The Full Telegraph article can be found here.

The Wakefield Express reports a resident in Ossett (a market town within the metropolitan district of the City of Wakefield, West Yorkshire) having filmed a rectangular-shaped UFO hovering over the area on 29 December 2013. Have a look at the brief Express article.

Elsewhere, there has been an intriguing report of a UFO tracked on radar as well as seen by witnesses, which disrupted traffic at Bremen Airport in Germany - a country out of which - interestingly in itself - few UFO reports tend to emanate. See the Huffington Post's article here. According to accounts by air traffic control and local eyewitnesses, the UFO's description includes the apparent airframe and navigation lights of an plane. However, the aerial object in question was seemingly operating without authorisation in German airspace.

Could the mystery 'plane' in fact be:-

a) a huge oversight on the part of Bremen air traffic control (unlikely in my view);

b) evidence of a secret military/intelligence operation for example the continuing practice of extraordinary rendition (more likely although the timing and frequency of the event seems strange for this explanation to hold weight); or

c) something far stranger?

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