Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Anonymous to leak secret UFO data?

An apology

Firstly I want to apologise to all visitors to my humble blog out there who may have noticed an absence of posts in the last few weeks.

There is no reason for this other than that I have been lurching from one poorly-paid (and very time-consuming) short-term Government contract to another. I have some free time coming from the end of this month, when I plan to return to posting more regularly.

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Anonymous reveals truth about UFOs : Will they? Won't they?

I've noticed the interesting article originally posted by IT World earlier today but flagged in the news section of Open Minds - the latter being one of my preferred sites to follow.

The article's worth a read if only to smile at the possible irony that hacktivist group Anonymous may itself have been the subject of - as yet unconfirmed - 'trolling' concerning rumours that the group is supposedly due to release secret Government UFO/ET files.

My money's on no one in the group having anything of note at all on the subject. I would however, be amongst the first to say I was wrong if - by some stretch - there was an element of truth to the rumours. I'm not holding my breath though, given that this could just be trolling or a ruse by the group to further raise their own profile - in which case it has worked to some extent!

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  1. I find it highly unlikely that any group would release information that is Classified/Top Secret/Need to Know, simply because then the US, the UK, and other governments could openly move against Anonymous, treating them as traitors and terrorists. At this point, only the FBI is involved in investigating Anonymous thus they are most criminals, and thus retain certain legal rights. As traitors and terrorists they would be subjected to the same pains and humiliations as any Muslim terrorist. I hate to say it, but we've (the US) become a police state that is beginning to rival some of history's most notorious.