Sunday, 13 May 2012

Open Minds site down?

Have just noticed that the Open Minds site - - appears to be down.

NARCAP was out of commission not so long ago - now this one. Is it me or are a number of UFO/paranormal sites just having a bad year?

Update (sort of)

As of today (19 May 2012) I was going to state that the Open Minds site is up and running again - having read their Will Smith article at least once - but access still seems to be intermittent (for me at least) at the moment.


  1. This is an interesting development, if somewhat concerning. Hopefully it is no more than a glitch on the website's part and not some nefarious element at work. However, if so, then it raises some serious questions and leads back to my most recent previous post in this blog.

  2. You'll have seen my (sort of) update re: the Open Minds site. Not sure why I can only intermittently access it today. Anyway, I did succeed in accessing their coverage of the recent Will Smith story which is in my post as of today.

  3. The Openminds site was down at the time I read your post about it being inaccessible, but I've not had any trouble with entering the site since then.

    Yes, I read that Will Smith article earlier and even posted a bit about it at my forum. Only kids!

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  5. Website is still down at this moment.

  6. Hi folks. Thanks for your comments. I note that the Open Minds site has undergone a slight revamp which might possibly be why some (myself included) are having access issues.

    As I write, I've tried access via both my desktop and smartphone and neither gets me in.