Tuesday, 26 June 2012

An open email to Douglas Trumbull about UFOTOG

UPDATE 10 September 2012

See Douglas Trumbull's response to my email to him about UFOTOG here 

In my earlier post I speculated on why there had been no news for some considerable time about the ambitious and exciting UFOTOG project being led by Mr Trumbull.

I decided to see if he would like to explain for himself why things have gone so quiet on this project - my email to him was as follows:-


[Sent to douglashtrumbull@gmail.com - 15 May 2012 16:47 London time]

"Dear Mr Trumbull,

This is just a quick query from a long-time admirer of your very impressive work in the movie industry.

I am the British author of UFOScrutiny, a relatively new blog which aims to give an informative and impartial overview of the subject of UFOs from an (anonymous) ex-Govt official's viewpoint.

I was especially interested to see information online about your UFOTOG project which, in my view, promises to be a very welcome and rigorous field study of the UFO phenomenon using state-of-the-art technology. I personally can't think of anyone better qualified to lead this ambitious project.

I'm sure I'm certainly not the first to ask but - for the benefit of visitors to my blog - I wondered if you would be so kind as to let me know if there is any update concerning how UFOTOG is progressing, or whether it has in fact been temporarily shelved in favour of other projects?

I do appreciate that you will be very busy and will understand that a response will only be forthcoming if time permits.

Any update you could provide would be very much appreciated. May I also reassure you that I will only publish any response, or extracts of a response online with your express permission.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Niven


So far (just over five weeks) there has been no response but you never know...


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  2. Did you see this video?


  3. Hi mast4as - Thank you for your original comments (not sure why you chose to remove them). I did see the video some considerable time ago which is what first prompted me to write about UFOTOG. It may interest you to know that Mr Trumbull responded with a short acknowledgement to my email on 2 July (which I intend to post a screen capture of as proof soon). I'm now waiting to hear further from him about the project.

  4. Hello all ,
    just wanted to share my experience that has puzzled me for years now and would like to thank Mr Trumbull for his work in film and research related to UFO observation.

    my two stories in short form

    I recently viewed some of your videos about observation of UFO activity. i was wondering if you have had any luck in you first sighting yet ? really hope you have after all you have invested, it really is very impressive effort. I have been fortunate to have had two experiences in viewing 4 objects . 3 in night sky that flew in a successive pattern then left the atmosphere at a rate of speed i liken to what would be called warp speed , they left my jaw on the ground and i was then convinced somebody has the ability to travel at interplanetary speeds not yet sure who because i did not see who was piloting them lol ; ] this was witnessed also by 3 friends 1 who saw more than i saw my self .

    this same friend and myself on another night witnessed something that still puzzles my mind and think about often we were driving to a friends house in florida and less than 1/16 of mile ahead of us at street level ruffly 3 feet above the road a ball of light blue green in color aprox 3 ft diameter with a tale trailing like a small comet ruffly 8 feet behind the ball. i said nothing thinking i was nuts either did he. i turned the corner and said did you see and he shouted yes yes franticly i whipped the car around and knowing it was moving to fast but had to see if we could get another look at this mind bending anomaly traveling down the street !!! like a large basketball size comet or meteor WITH A TAIL going down the freakin road ! yes sounds crazy and the few i tell about it look at me like i am, but we saw it as clear as my hand in front of my face . i am still so puzzled and slightly troubled by this memory trying to make sense of this road comet lol , i joke but really it makes ones mind hit a wall to figure what in the hell was that, wheres it going and what is it doing going down the street!!!

    I do hope you have seen a xcraft or somthing good or will soon!

    B. Yorks / 3byorks@gmail.com for any questions or comments