Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Undersea mystery deepens in the Baltic - Update 30 June 2012

Another article posted by UFO Sightings yesterday reveals more titbits of information about the undersea object or objects - as there are now allegedly two that have been discovered. Right-angled 'corridors' in the main object; what is being described as a staircase; and even a hole in the shape of a 'gothic' church window in the second undersea object found (lancet or ogee arch presumably?) also now feature.

If the latest is to be believed this is proving more bizarre by the day and the Ocean X Team are milking the hype on this for all its worth to them. Still all seems too good to be true somehow...

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I've been following the developments of this story for months now and guess it's time to add to its growing online coverage.

Three of the increasing number of online articles covering the findings of the Swedish Ocean X Team so far (which I'm now guilty of adding to!) can be found at Digital Journal, the Mail Online and TNT Magazine.

The strange object, supposedly resembling the Millennium Falcon in shape (see pic right supplied by the Ocean X Team) and which is on the floor of the Baltic sea, is described as anywhere between 18 - 60 metres across, depending on which report one reads (60ft is roughly 18 metres which may be behind the confusion). It also allegedly has a 'trail' of up to 200 metres on the sea-bed leading from it.

As with anything like this, I would treat the whole story with caution until the whole thing comes out in the wash (pardon the pun). I mean have you looked at the Ocean X Team's website logo and the over-use of the courier font? Remind you of anything?

It's annoying that various news articles are already tagging this incorrectly as a 'UFO' - given that the unidentified object is under the sea and is clearly not 'flying'. By using the initials 'UFO' some observers already appear to be drawing their own conclusions (not me thus far) that this might be a crashed ET vehicle - either that or it just cynically generates more hits to their sites. The recent updates suggesting that electrical equipment fails within 200m of the object just adds fuel to the fire - given that such phenomena has been a supposed by-product of many 'close encounters' with UFOs or UAP.

It'll be interesting to see how this pans out in the next few weeks as another dive is planned in that time-frame. I can't help seeing an anticlimax looming but I'd love to be proven wrong...

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