Saturday, 14 July 2012

Tony Blair and the UFO files

Just a quick reference to the most recent BBC News article on the British UFO files

Tony Blair's name is used as a headline grabber and I'm unashamedly using it here too.

This comes hot on the heels of Dr David Clarke's article "MOD Files make UFOs history" about the release of the ninth set of MOD UFO case files.

Look through the MOD files published to date and you will not see any revelation about UK Government cover-ups, (as there is unlikely to be one) but you will find some fascinating and as yet unexplained cases such as the 'UFO over Manchester' incident video I posted a couple of days ago.

As Nick Pope discusses in his book 'Open Skies, Closed Minds', the MOD's intention when recording accounts of UFO activity (something they now no longer do), was always to assess whether there was any threat to UK airspace. To this day the MOD's conclusion, after almost 60 years of gathering data, appears to be 'no'.

However, one could argue - as Nick points out to some degree in his book - that 'no threat' strangely allows for numerous accounts of UFOs or UAP that:-
  • have near misses with military aircraft; 
  • have near misses with passenger aircraft sometimes carrying hundreds of people;
  • routinely emerge, unidentified, in UK controlled - and sometimes restricted - airspace with no clear motive, largely unchallenged and vanishing as quickly as they appear; 
  • behave in a way that strongly suggests intelligent control; and
  • still to this day - after decades of recorded accounts - exceed speeds or manueovers that can be performed by any current civilian or military aircraft.

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