Tuesday, 31 July 2012

'UFO' over 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony?

My wife is very into sports generally (I'm not bothered on the whole) so of course she's been excited about the 2012 Olympics. So - being the generous soul that I am - I decided to record the whole 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony for her, at the same time as watching it live with her last Friday.

My indifference about sport aside, I have to admit I was very impressed with the whole ceremony and how smoothly it ran and was also quite roused by the monumental and historical event unfolding before our eyes. It also gave me a great sense of respect for all those involved and pride in what they had achieved for Britain and for London.

But I digress, because a tiny part of me was hoping that something truly unusual might happen at this event which - as far as I'm concerned - never actually came to pass.  Given that roughly a sixth of the planet's population was watching an event that celebrates human cohesion, good will and competitive spirit, one would have thought this might be a good time for E.T. to make an appearance.

You see, I hadn't failed to notice that there have been, in the past few months, a number of headline-grabbing articles about people placing wild 1000-1 bets on a 'UFO' or more specifically an alien spaceship appearing over the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.  Unsurprisingly, Nick Pope has been asked about and has commented on the possibility of E.T. making an appearance at this event. One angry punter having made such a bet now wants his money back from William Hill for what he claims is a 'flying saucer' in the ceremony's video footage as below.

Even more bizarrely, claims have been made about the 2012 Olympics being a platform for the infamous 'Project Blue Beam' conspiracy which I won't elaborate on here (simply because I personally think it's a load of rubbish).

Now Goodyear are already saying that this is likely to be one of their unbranded blimps being used by an NBC camera crew (unbranded because they are not official sponsors of the games). If what they say is true, then the object in question is not a UFO.

My money's on it being an airship or blimp. To me it looks like the lit up cabin on the underside of the main structure of an airship and it's seems to be moving at the right speed. But - as with a lot of such sensationalised footage - it's really too blurry to be sure.

Anyway, there's still a fair bit of the Olympics to go - including the Closing Ceremony - so who knows what else might pop up?

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