Thursday, 5 April 2012

The key One to Five per cent

As discussed in Is it a bird? Is it a plane? there are numerous UFO sightings that can be explained away by normal man-made objects or natural occurrences. The world famous Roswell incident has its sceptics who firmly believe that the events being described could be attributed to the then top-secret projects Mogul and Skyhook.

I personally remain firmly on the fence where Roswell is concerned. The difficulty with that case is the passage of time. Given that the events at Roswell took place before many of us were born and that the number of individuals with direct knowledge of the event are diminishing, it will become harder to prove what actually happened.

However, there are still many intriguing and much more recent public cases of sightings by credible witnesses which should be the focus of attention for serious UFO study.  Proponents tend to agree that once the majority of sightings are eliminated as man-made or natural phenomena, this still leaves something like a key one to five per cent of reported UFO activity that can't be explained conventionally.

I will expand on some of these in future posts.

It's also worth noting that such percentages only relate to those incidences that are reported. There may be many such cases which never see the light of day.

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