Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Life confirmed on Mars?

I am back working for a Government Department for a couple of weeks (the old security clearance still comes in handy) and - no - it's still not MOD or Home Office.

Consequently, my ability to blog over the next fortnight will be limited.

This is just a quick post on an article that has been doing the rounds in the last few days. Not directly concerned with the UFO phenomenon but possible confirmation within the mainstream scientific community (based on NASA data) that extraterrestrial life may not only exist but may have been discovered in our solar system as far back as 1976.

Open Minds which I regularly follow - and which I link to from this Blog - has posted the following article on this http://www.openminds.tv/scientists-believe-nasa-data-confirms-life-on-mars-922/.

However, it was not that long ago that there was an infamous 'false start' in terms of allegedly ground-breaking science i.e. the (now disproved) discovery of a 'faster-than-light neutrino'.

I guess it will be a case of watch this space (pardon the pun)...

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