Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A new voice in the scrutiny of the UFO phenomenon

Hello - I am Jonathan Niven AKA 'MIB'. I've worked in Government for nearly 25 years in various roles and have had long experience of how Government engages with the public on a number issues of national importance, which I will explore later in this blog.  The mixed response of Governments worldwide to the UFO phenomenon is one of the elements of this broad subject area that intrigues me. And as almost everyone seems to have a blog these days, I thought I'd jump on the digital bandwagon concerning a subject I've been interested in since as long as I can remember.

I should point out that (for the time being at least) I must write under a pseudonym. This is because the UFO phenomenon still strongly divides opinion and is often the subject of ridicule. I still have to work and pay the bills.

Over the coming months, I hope to bring you a balanced and critical ex-Govt official's view of the UFO phenomenon. Proponents of the serious study of this area will have to forgive me for resorting to the use of the often stigmatised abbreviation 'UFO', as its use still gets the most attention on the net. Those who have a genuine and long-standing interest in this subject will know that the abbreviation 'UAP' is increasingly being used instead (more on this later).

A couple of disclaimers

1. I have not worked in either the Home Office or the Ministry of Defence. I have worked with the Home Office and their agencies in my previous role (often on restricted projects) but not on anything which relates to the topic of this blog.

2. I am not Nick Pope! I've read published material by Nick (who isn't known to me personally) and seen some of his video contributions. His contributions to the ongoing debate about UFOs, along with those of other credible spokespersons, has in part influenced my decision to start this blog.

Starter for ten

Here are two documentaries which I would strongly recommend to anyone interested in the subject to view and digest. These are to compare and contrast, as the first ultimately seeks an earthly explanation for key cases whilst the second hints at more intriguing and probable other-wordly evidence.

UFOs The Secret Evidence 2005 Documentary (part 1 of 11)
Full documentary at video.google.com

Secret Access: UFOs on the Record 2011 Documentary (in full)

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